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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Follow-up Appt Update

They were unable to do genetic testing. There wasn't enough "material" left in the uterus (though I hadn't bled any?) to test and they cannot test Baby B (Samuel) because ectopics are abnormal anyway.

He gave me a new pain med. I skipped a dose of pain meds yesterday because of the side effects and the pain not being THAT bad. When skipping the dose the nausea got REALLY bad which made me worry that it was from withdrawals so I decided no more. I talked to the doctor today and he had no problem with me not taking the Percocet but wanted me on SOMETHING. (I have yet to try it. I really waant it right now but I'm home alone and it's probably best to try new meds with someone else around. Meds tend to act very strongly with me.

He also told me to double my anti-nausea med.

No trying for two cycles. No sex or work for six weeks.

My staples were removed and now I have tape strips. I've been told to start putting neosporin on the staple holes twice a day. He also said to "continue to just let soap and water run over the incision" so I guess I'll START that. When I asked about showers at the hospital the nurse said to let water run over it...she never said soap so I've been making sure to keep soap away from it.

I go back in a week. Maybe the waiting room won't have four big pregnant ladies and a kid named Dominic (who's only slightly older than mine would be). :(

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