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We were married on September 27, 2009. We began our journey more than three years ago. We have had four losses to date and are still trying to conceive our sticky bean.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My RE appointment

I don't know where to begin. The appointment took two hours! We went over my history and answered a lot of questions for him. He asked me to try to find out more about DH's family history because several of his aunts have suffered from RPL.

He went into great detail about the different possible causes. He told me that he doesn't believe the MTHFR is what caused my losses. He thinks that our issue is chromosomal. However, he can't test for that just yet. He had me go today for some bloodwork (which took an additional 40 minutes!). Today's test included checking my homocystine levels (which I wanted done anyway), antithrombin III activity, Protein S, and Protein C. All have to do with clotting disorders. (The homocystine should have been checked when it came back that I had MTHFR.)

As for the HSG/possible endo, I didn't bring it up. He seemed pretty confident that I don't have any issues anatomically...

We talked about DH's testosterone (which was never forwarded to him) and the SA results. The RE wasn't that concerned with DH's testosterone. Morphology is low, but the other numbers were good enough that he doesn't think that it's an issue at all.

So where does that leave us? At this point we've been ordered to NOT conceive. On CD 3 next month I have to go and have four more tests done: estradiol, FSH, LH, and anti-mullerian hormone.

The tests today were more to appease the insurance company and convince them the karyotyping is needed. The CD 3 tests are to try to figure out why my visits from AF are so short. Once given the clear to ttc, (as long as the tests are fine) he's not going to want to intervene to assist in getting pregnant.

He also told me to stop the baby aspirin. He said that when I get pregnant he's going to put me on Heparin immediately.

I am left with mixed feelings. He definitely seems informed and I have heard a ton of good things about him. But, we don't have a plan...we don't have anything concrete. In a way, I feel like we left with less answers than we went with...

Oh, and one last thing: he said my uterus is not tilted like the OB said. Of course, the one OB is the only one who's ever said anything about it being tilted...