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We were married on September 27, 2009. We began our journey more than three years ago. We have had four losses to date and are still trying to conceive our sticky bean.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Health Nut a.k.a. Sylvia Mae

On Tuesday, Feb 5, I took a pregnancy test.  I'd been having some pregnancy symptoms and although, unlikely, I couldn't ignore the possibility.  I sat the test on my bed as I continued to get ready for work.  When I came back in a few moments later, I picked it up, looked, and said to Chris "I didn't think so--WAIT!"  Yep!  We had done it again!  Baby #7 was on the way.  We were elated! 

The baby quickly earned a nickname.  Fried foods made me sick.  Anything sweet tasted disgusting.  Fresh veggies though?  I could have eaten nothing but them and been on cloud 9.  She quickly became known in our little health nut.

My parents were already coming over for dinner on Saturday so we told them then.  On Sunday we told Chris's family over lunch.  Sadly, today, Monday, I became crampy and started bleeding.  A call to the doctor confirmed my hormone levels had dropped.  Baby was dead.

I had felt very strongly that the baby was a girl.  I often found myself referring to "her" naturally.  After much debate, we chose the name Sylvia Mae.  She was due Oct 15, 2013.  I was one day shy of five weeks pregnant.