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Sunday, November 28, 2010


This month the RE decided to up my dose. Apparently, this is standard for him if you don't conceive first try on the med. I'm not sure I like that practice, but agreed to give it a shot since he's known in the community as "the Miracle worker". We have a follicle scan on Weds. to check my progress.

Meds this month (Cycle #5 of Clomid, #25 of actively trying):
Clomid: 100mg
Mucinex: 1800mg
Novarel: 10000miu
Prenatal Vitamin

Let's home it works!


  1. My RE upped meds pretty quickly. After two failed rounds of Femara (the second time around) he upped the dose, and after one failed round at that dose, we went straight to IUI with injectibles. He said that he didn't want to make grieving parents wait. I'm glad he did, we got pregnant with Grant after only 1 round of the IUI, and despite losing his co-triplets I would make the exact same decision once again. In addition to being mom to a living child that much faster, another two months (you have to skip a cycle between IUIs) and Grant would have been due on Ethan's EDD and I would have lost my mind from the stress.

    I like doctors who aren't bound by the way things have always been done. It shows they have critical thinking skills and can make independent decisions.

  2. Mind if I ask why you have to skip cycles?