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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I knew blogging was a good idea!

After making my last post I decided to go back and read my previous posts. In doing so, I came across this post. In the post I mentioned an infection that I had in the past and about how my OB didn't think that it was an issue. I'm starting to think he was wrong. I think I do have a blockage in my left tube caused by the infection that went undiagnosed for a year. The OB didn't think that was the case because we've been pregnant, but it's possible that those were cycle in which I ovulated on the right side.

During the course of the infection all of the pain was on the left side. All of the issues I've had with cysts have been on the left side. Could this be because the egg has nowhere to go?

Now, while scared (I know the procedures to diagnose and fix this are painful), I have a bit of renewed hope. I hate this rollercoaster, but maybe, just maybe we're nearing the end.

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