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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's appt

It started with the typical height/weight/bp. Then the nurse took me into doctor's actual office where we discussed the irregular cycles and my losses, etc. He never once mentioned Endo or PCOS, but did say right off the bat that we'd do bloodwork. I then went back into the exam room for the physical exam. He said that other than a tilted uterus, everything physically seemed normal. He had me get dressed and then we went back into the office to make sure there were no more concerns from DH and I. I must say, I was really impressed. I've never had a doctor's office allow so much time and be so willing to talk to me. After the second consult came the bloodwork. That did not go so well. She tried the left arm first and missed. She then went to the right arm and used a butterfly needle. She was able to get two vials of blood but she was moving the needle around the whole time. Therefore, she messed the vein up and stopped getting blood return. She ended up sticking me again in the left arm (with a butterfly needle) and wasn't able to get anything. Finally she gave up and told me to come back Monday for the rest of the tests (6 more vials).

They are testing my Thyroid. He thinks this may be what's causing my irregular cycles.
He said something about the possibility of my hormones not doing what they are supposed to. So they're looking into that.
They are testing for clotting disorders.
They are doing genetic testing.
They are also checking for Rh antibodies to determine if I need the Rhogam shot now or if it can wait.

He did say that there is not a cyst on my ovary (though, I swear it feels like there is). He said that he doesn't think I have any long-term effects from having an infection years ago that went undiagnosed for a year. He said that it's main effect is tubal blockage, but since eggs are getting by...

Overall, it will be a couple of weeks until I hear anything.

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