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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a puzzle.

Puzzle fundraiser, that is. So, what exactly is a puzzle fundraiser?

Basically, it is a cheap and easy way for you to help us achieve our dreams of becoming parents. You can buy as many pieces as you would like for $5 a piece. Your name/family's name will go on the back of a puzzle piece. The puzzle will be put together and framed. When doing so we will take care to preserve both sides of the puzzle so that either can be seen when desired. As our child grows up, we will show him/her the side with names frequently while explaining that those are the names of the people that helped bring them into our home.

So, how do you buy a piece (or more)? It's really simple. You just have to send us the money via paypal. Our paypal email is augieandchrisadopt@happylittletree.net Just make sure to let us know a name for your piece(s)!

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