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Monday, July 11, 2011

Scare of my Life!

Okay, so this is a bit late but I still wanted to post it.

On my way home from babysitting last Wednesday I got a call from my husband warning me about an accident. He told me "There is no way around it but make sure you're in the left lane because a car is on it's side in the right lane. The tow truck is here now." Sure enough, I got stuck waiting. While waiting SEVEN emergency vehicles passed. I thought maybe they were going to the accident I was in traffic for (but of course with the tow truck there that really didn't make sense).

Turns out, there was a second accident on the next road I take home. Immediately, I panicked. The timing was about right for when Chris would've been going through there. I did the only thing I could: I imagined the worst and prayed. Prayed that it wasn't Chris. Prayed for whoever it was that required all 15 emergency vehicles. When an ambulance left, no lights, no sirens, I really panicked. There were way too many emergency vehicles to be no injuries. I didn't even think minor injuries were possible. In my mind, the person had to be dead. I still didn't know that this wasn't Chris though. That freaked me out that much more.

Finally after an hour of sitting not moving with no cell service (and no courage to get out of the car and ask people on other vehicles if I could use theirs), I stopped the media. With my voice shaking, I asked the question I was terrified of. Did the accident involve a green Corolla?

Oh the relief! I had barely thanked them when the tears came. Tears of absolute joy. My husband was home safe and sound! As soon as I walked in the door I told him I loved him and pulled him in a long, tight hug. Then came the second wave of tears. With me unable to speak, he just stood there hugging me and confused.

After I calmed and told him, he told me he had known about the accident and had tried calling me to make sure I was ok. Of course I didn't have signal so it went to voicemail, leaving him worried that I was in the accident. He told me he was just getting ready to come out and look for me to make sure.

It was horrible. I never, ever want to live through that fear again!

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