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Monday, September 20, 2010

HSG and Femera

I just got through posting this on my support board so since I'm hurting, I'm just going to C&P instead of typing a separate blog.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected...though it was definitely uncomfortable. The biggest annoyance was that he kept telling me to "relax." Yea, dude, let me do this to you and YOU relax! lol

I'm still crampy but it's not even as bad as my period cramps. (Disclaimer: AF cramps usually result in me being curled up in a ball with no meds helping!) We even ran errands after the appointment and went to taco bell! Going to MIL's tonight for dinner for BIL's belated bday dinner. (I wouldn't wanna cook anyway.)

As for Fermera, I did ask him about that. He didn't seem like he wouldn't but wants me to think on it some and come in to discuss options more thoroughly first. He did tell me that the FDA has required Femera to add a "Black Box Warning" stating that there have been a reported increase of birth abnormalities. BUT there are several things to look at.

1. Femera was created at a breast cancer drug. Woman reporting this COULD be breast cancer patients who are also on other drugs and are taking Femera for a longer time period. Really, in using Femera for infertility, the drug SHOULD be out of your system by the time the baby is developing. Therefore, this could likely be the case.
2. The US is the only country to have reported this. (Canada and at least one other--don't remember which--also use Femera for infertility and have not seen this.)
3. Woman using Femera for infertility could likely have some genetic issues anyway that could cause abnormalities. There's no way of knowing if it's the undetected genetic issue or if it's Femera.

Given this, we are going to research a bit more, but are likely to request the Femera anyway. Oh, and btw, the HSG was normal. No blockages, no scar tissue!

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  1. Yay for a normal HSG! (hugs) Good luck on the femara research.