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We were married on September 27, 2009. We began our journey more than three years ago. We have had four losses to date and are still trying to conceive our sticky bean.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Another Christmas has come and gone; another holiday without my babies has passed. Like usual, I find myself looking back at how Christmas should have gone. I should have three kids celebrating. Dominic would be 26 months. Gwendolyn would be 17 months and Aiden would be a mere 5 months old. Yesterday, we would have celebrated at home as a family before going to my uncle's for dinner. Today we would have gone to our parents houses for Christmas. Instead, we celebrated with my niece at my mom's, went to his mom's, and then my uncle's. I miss my babies. I hate this...

Also, after some discussion, Chris and I have decided that even after ttc, I will continue the vitamins. MTHFR creates a deficiency, which is why I have to take them now. That deficiency isn't going to fix itself just because we're not trying for a baby. So I'll be taking four pills for the rest of my life. :(

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