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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am reposting a friend's blog post with permission. If you would like to visit her blog, you may do so here

This is not one of my typical posts since moving over to here. but its something I need to say, to share. Because I can relate in some small way. Because we once needed the hero.

I can still remember the day we were told Joey needed a Bone Marrow Transplant. And the thought that crossed my mind was “will there be a match?”

I was terrified. I help my breath. Melanie was tested. I felt so defeated when the results showed she was not a match. More tests… more waiting.

When I first called and there were “no matches yet, but some possibilities” I was scared. I was always afraid that a call would come that they just had no match for him.

Then the call came. I hit the floor, crying. I was in the laundromat when they informed me he had a donor. I can not tell you the feeling of being told your child has a hero.

Please, heroes are needed every day. Every child deserves the best chance to grow up they can get. I am asking, are you willing to be that hero? Are you willing to help save a child?

I ask because there are children whose lives hang in the balance, whose lives depend on a complete stranger giving a selfless gift, marrow. Children like Austin who need a match and don’t have one. Please, today, register as a donor. Register today and help save children like Austin. Give this family the chance our family was given… you will never regret being a hero… I am eternally grateful to Joey’s donor, and I write her letters, praying one day to thank her in person.

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